Seaside Cheese – A Cape May Treasure

Seaside Cheese – A Cape May Takeout Treasure

seaside cheese Cape May

Seaside Cheese

One of our guests recently gave us a huge quarter-of-a-circle sandwich that they had left over from a picnic on the beach. They’d bought a giant circular sandwich made of a flat disk filled with mushrooms and wonderful cheeses and Italian cured meats. They got the sandwich from Seaside Cheese in West Cape May and it was both very high quality and big enough to fed a family of eight.

When we moved to Cape May twenty-three years ago, if we

Seaside Cheese Cape May gorgonzola dolce

Gorgonzola Dolce

wanted good or interesting cheese, we had to go to Philadelphia. Acme and Shoprite didn’t have cheese departments and there was no real Parmigiano Reggiano in the entire county. Now we have a treasure right next door. Seaside Cheese on Park Boulevard in West Cape May has great cheese, interesting cheese, and yummy cheese. When we came back from a winter vacation in Italy, we went looking for Gorgonzola dolce for a dinner party. It’s sweet gorgonzola (as opposed to strong) and is great melted on top of pumpkin gnocchi or pumpkin ravioli. We had to go to the Italian market in Philadelphia to get it. Now we can go across the street. Seaside Cheese also has a number of cheeses that are basically aged Goudas. They are nutty, strong and delicious.

Seaside Cheese is also an outlet for Hawk Haven Winery, so you can get cheese and cured

Cape May Seaside Cheese

Seaside Cheese

meats to go with your wine. They are also an outlet for The Ravioli House in Wildwood, so you can get their ravioli, tortellini, and gnocchi to go with your cheese and sauce. When you think of a picnic at the beach, consider Seaside Cheese. It’s a short trip from Leith Hall bed and breakfast and we’ll even lent you plates if you want to eat on the porch.