Alice Steer Wilson book in Cape May

A book about Alice Steer Wilson by her daughter to be celebrated in Cape May

Alice Steer Wilson was a great Cape May painter, and will be remembered at a book Alice Steer Wilson Cape Maysigning this Saturday at the Carriage House of the Emlen Physick Estate. Her daughter Janice Wilson Stridick, has just written a book about her mother, Light Particularly, and will appear to autograph copies.

Alice Steer Wison was both a skilled and inspired painter. Her paintings often specified the highlights and shadows of a subject, leaving the viewer to fill-in the middle tones. This caused the paintings to pop into three

Alice Steer Wilson
Alice Steer Wilson

dimensions, and somehow made them more striking and involving, too. The paintings are beautiful, but they are not just souvenirs of pretty Cape May cottages. Instead, they are accomplished paintings that use the light falling on complicated architecture and the shadows cast as their common theme.

Many of her paintings remind me of watercolors by John Singer

Alice Steer Wislon, John Singer Sargent
John Singer Sargent

Sargent. This is no small compliment, as John Singer Sargent was the best watercolorist there ever was.

Joh Singer Sargent Watercolor
John Singer Sargent Watercolor

Take the time to visit the book signing at the Carriage House at the Physick Estate and meet Janice Wilson Stridick. Janice is a designer in her own right and is active in Historic Preservation in New Jersey. Use the occasion for a visit to Leith Hall, a dip in the ocean and a snooze on the beach.

Alice Steer Wilson, Cape May
Alice Steer Wilson



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    1. Thank you so much. The book is wonderful and I’m sure that Cape Mayers and visitors will find it all over town and at future book signings. We were just talking about your mother at an “Art History of Cape May” talk by Stan Sperlak at the CM Historical and Genealogical Society.

      1. I was sorry to miss Stan’s talk, but I hope there will be a recap in some form. I’m giving a talk titled “Paint and Preservation” at the Merchantville Historical Society next week, 11/19, for their annual meeting. And we had a lovely book launch last Friday on Alice’s 87th birthday so now the book is “official” beyond Cape May 🙂

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