Cape May Music Festival concert co-sponsored by Leith Hall bed and breakfast

This week, the Cape May Music Festival is beginning with a freeCape May Music Festival concert May 26th, by the Atlantic Brass Band at the Rotary Bandstand just off the Mall. It continues on Tuesday May 28th at the the Church of the Advent with the New York Chamber Ensemble playing Cape May Music FestivalDebussy, Maurice Ravel, and Auguste Saint-Saens. Soprano Wonjung Kim will sing

The next Thursday, May 30th, at 8 P.M., the music festival will change gears and present Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers singing classic country music in our new Convention Hall.

Cape May Music Festival + Leith Hall bed and breakfast

A week later on Thursday, June 6, Leith Hall will be co-sponsoring the concert by the Bay Atlantic Symphony Orchestra. They will be presenting some of my very bestCape May Music Festival favorite music.  A concerto by Vivaldi – There’s nothing better than Vivaldi; and a concerto for guitar by Heitor Villa-Lobos .

The Bay Atlantic Symphony Orchestra concert will be conducted by.Jed Gaylin, and he always explains what the orchestra is about to play, giving you more understanding and insight into the work.

Some classical work that you’ve heard before is suddenly new and fresh and you come away with more appreciation and enjoyment than you ever had before. It even works for difficult music, though this concert will be all very easy to listen to.

The Gaylin family often stays with us at Leith Hall and it is always a joy to see them again.

There’s a concert every few days for the next few weeks. Celtic, country, chamber music, and classical orchestral music; there’s sure to be something you’ll love. Give us a call or go on-line to make a reservation.