Hurricaine Sandy – CAPE MAY SPARED!

Hurricane Sandy – Cape May Spared!

Believe it or not, Cape May was spared the damage that HurricaneCape May Hurricaine Sandy Sandy caused up the Jersey shore. We were evacuated and went up to Brooklyn to stay with Susan’s sister in Park Slope. Practically the highest point in Brooklyn, Park Slope had no flooding, and didn’t lose power. Lots of trees came down and smashed cars parked along the street. We started home and found that we didn’t have enough gas to make it all the way to Hurricaine Sandy Cape MayCape May. The lines at the GS Parkway rest areas were miles long, so we got off and came down route 9. Most of central New Jersey is without power, and without power means without gasoline since the pumps require electricity to work. We found an open gas station in Lakewood and waited an hour – but we got gas. When we arrived in Cape May we were surprised, nothing, no flooding, no wind destruction. Everything looked normal. Driving along Beach Avenue, we could see where the ocean came over the sea wall at the cove end of town, and for a short stretch near Madison Avenue. But looking at the lawns and the flowerbeds, clearly the ocean didn’t get very far.

When we got to Leith Hall, we discovered that the wind had blown off a single clapboard and loosened a few others. Also, one of the dormer roofs bent up. We’d had water in the cellar, but when the power came back on, the sump pump cleared it. Amazingly little damage. We then went to West Cape May to see if our house was still standing, and there was nothing wrong. We didn’t even lose a roof shingle, which is odd, since we lose roof shingles on calm days. Since we got back,Hurricaine Sandy Cape May neighbors have told us that, from Avalon northward, the shore towns were very damaged. Before and after pictures on the web show lots of houses flooded or washed away. The Lobster House at Schellinger’s Landing is still closed because of deep flooding. My nephew who lives in Long Beach, Long Island, has no power and has lost his car. So, Cape May is fine but lots of other people are suffering. We hope that you and yours are safe and well.

Sherlock Holmes weekend is going on as usual this weekend and the new Exit 0 Jazzfest is moving ahead. Come visit!


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  1. Hi Elan, my mother and I stayed at Leith Hall in August, I believe. I’m very glad to hear that your home, as well as Leith Hall, is fine. It’s surprising Cape May wasn’t hit too bad, but I’m so glad it fared well.

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