Sherlock Holmes Weekends

Cape May bed and breakfast
Sherry in Leith Hall’s parlor

Victorian Murder in Cape May

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson conquer Cape May. For two weekends a year, in March and November, Cape May is devoted to all things Sherlock. The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities organizes the events, and Leith Hall participates. Often some of the actors stay with us, and our guests dress up in Victorian outfits to search for clues and solve the mystery.

Cape May bed and breakfast
Gathering in Leith Hall’s library

Sherlock Holmes Weekend

The weekend begins with an evening reception on Friday when the plot starts and a crime is committed. The characters make their appearances. Saturday, more clues are revealed in the  “Search For Clues” tour of the participating locations. Everyone gets together for more mayhem as the plot unfolds after the tour.  At a Sunday brunch, all is revealed and the best and worst detectives, the best dressed, and the most clueless win valuable prizes.

Come visit us for Sherlock Holmes weekend. It’s lots of fun and great to be with people who dress up in spectacular costumes and really get into their roles.  Although wearing costumes is encouraged, it is not required in order to have a good time unraveling the mystery!