Great Food Organic Food

Great Food Organic Food

Cape May is already a mecca for food fans because of our great

Graet Food Organic Food
West Cape May Farmers Market

restaurants. Now we have food markets as well – Tuesdays feature the West Cape May farmers market, with lots of local farmers and organic products for sale – as well as live music, crafts, and local honey. Every day celebrates the Cape May Organic Food Market at  120 Park Boulevard (609 884-3200) which not only features organic produce and healthy food and supplements, but organic meats

Graet food  Organic Food
Tai and Piper Menz

at not much different than supermarket prices. Even better, the store features antiques and gifts chosen by the owners Tai and Julie Menz  (of Victorious at the Pink House fame) . The weird and wonderful objects make shopping at the food market an entertainment rather than a chore.  The last time I was there, I bought a crystal ball for my parlor as well as some organic flavorings for tea-time pastries.

Right next door is Seaside Cheese, which sells wonderful cheese fromgreat food prganic food around the world as well as a selection of Italian pasts, sauces, and breads.  Between the Organic Food Market next door and Seaside Cheese, you can provide yourself with a spectacular picnic for the beach or for a supper on the front porch. Come stay with us at Leith Hall and graze the gourmet delights of Cape May.