Grumpy Girlfriend in Cape May – A Love Story

A Leith Hall Love Story

At Leith Hall we often have wedding parties, or guests at local weddings, but most often we love story, romantic Cape May New Jerseyhave proposals and engagements. We once had a guest who planned an elaborate scheme to create a romantic setting in which to pop the question to his girlfriend. He reserved an evening horse and carriage ride and arranged for the driver to stop at a scenic spot. His girlfriend was annoyed at the stop and wanted to know what’s wrong with these people. Not the right atmosphere. They went to dinner at the Washington Inn and he asked the waiter to love story, romantic Cape May New Jerseyhide the ring in the dessert for her to discover. She was grumpy and complaining about the waiter and the dinner. After spending the dinner complaining about the carriage ride, she said that she didn’t want dessert. He had it brought to the table anyway. It was his last opportunity. He asked. She accepted.

The next morning he came down to breakfast with this story and a beaming financee and her new ring. I predicted a long and happy marriage because he knew exactly what he was getting into and had no unwelcome surprises in store.