Chocolate – Miracle FoodWoody Allen in Sleeper?

Those of you old enough will remember the 1973 movie Sleeper, in which Woody Allen wakes up far, far, into the future and discovers that the really healthy activities are smoking cigarettes and eating ice cream. It’s come true! A recent story reported by WebMD described a large Australian study dark chocolate miracle foodthat found that eating three to six ounces of high-percentage chocolate every day greatly lowered your risk of heart disease. That was one to two chocolate bars of 60 to 70 percent chocolate every day!

Chocolate – Miracle Food!

Susan thinking about chocolate

Having had two heart attacks, four angioplasties a quintuple bypass, and a partridge in a pear tree, this is news I want to hear! Suzie has prophetically been implementing the recommendations of this study for years. One of the conclusions of the story was that money spent teaching people to eat chocolate would save so much in medical costs later that it would be cheaper for Medicare to pay to encourage chocolate eating. The next thing we’ll hear is that World Peace has broken out and lions are napping with lambs.

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