Rome Vacation Photographs of the Pincio Park

I thought that I’d start sharing vacation photographs with you from our Winter trips. Last winter was a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, but I uploaded the photos somewhere and now have to search for them. So, instead, these are photos from our vacation of a year before. Those of you who have been guests at Leith Hall may know that Suzie and I got a

Rome temple Pincio Park Elan
Elan as an Object of Worship

book contract to write a self-guided walking tour book of Rome. The manuscript is now embroiled in instability at the publishers, but I’ll show you some photos of Rome neighborhoods. The first is the Pincio Park, on the north side of the historic center of Rome.

The view over Rome from the Pincio Park
The View over Rome from the Pincio Park

It is part of the Victorian attempt to bring greenery into the center of the city. Italian cities generally have no public greenery at all; not a blade of grass nor a tree. Then you exit the gates of the city and find yourself in farmland. Rome has always had some private green-space, in the form of noblemen’s villas, but it is an overwhelmingly masonry city. The Pincio is the Central Park, the Fairmount Park, the Grant Park of Rome. One of my favorite places is the Villa Borghese. Scipio Borghese (Skippy to his friends) was a Pope’s

The Villa Borghese, Rome
The Villa Borghese

nephew. When the Pope was elected, the Borghese’s were an upper-middle class family. As Nepeto or nephew, Scipio was in charge of letting all of the contracts and making purchases for the whole Roman Catholic Church. With every transaction, Skippy got his cut. By the time the Pope died, the Borgheses were the richest family in Europe. The word nepotism comes from nepeto, or nephew for good reason.

The Gardens of the Villa Borghese
The Gardens of the Villa Borghese

We worked long and hard on this book, spending hours in cafes, sampling countless bakeries, and wandering through beautiful neighborhoods. Life is real. Life is earnest.

The Cafe in the pPincio Park where we sat and wriote
The cafe in the Pincio Park where we sat and wrote