Prepare to Feast

Prepare to Feast in Cape May

This Spring, prepare to feast at some new restaurants in Cape May. We know that many of our guests come to visit primarily to eat well, and this year will see some changes in the Cape May Restaurant scene. I’ll set some of those changes out here, and update the restaurants part of the website soon.

First, Cucina Rosa is no more. Their space will be filled by another Italian restaurant called That’s Amore. So if the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie – That’s Amore will open in April. (I realize that if you are younger than I am, you won’t know that That’s Amore was a pop song in the 1950s)

Gecko’s is moving and changing, but not going away. You may know it from the location on Carpenter’s Street, right behind the mall and in front of SoMa Gallery. This April, it will be taking over the space formerly know as Higher Grounds, on Perry Street in West Cape May. It sounds like the menu will be a little less Mexican, but still feature several Southwestern items. I think that it will be more of a soup, salad, and sandwich restaurant, but I’m not sure. It will open in April and stay open all year.

The space formerly knows as Gecko’s will now be Yozu Sushi, which has been located in North Cape May for several years. They have a great reputation, and it will be nice to have a sushi restaurant so convenient to the Mall.

restaurants, dining, Cape May
restaurants, Cape May, dining


Purely as a scientific study, and for your sake, not mine, I’ll have to visit all of these this Spring and report back later. Or, come visit us this Spring and do your own taste-test and comment on this blog!