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Elan’s Paintings at MAC

Elan’s Paintings at MAC

Elan's paintingsWe’re thrilled to announce that Elan’s paintings are now available online through the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts website. The online sale is in anticipation of a show at the Carroll Gallery at the Physick Estate scheduled for next year. Though you can buy the same paintings at www.Elan, if you buyElan's paintings them through MAC, forty percent of the price counts as a charitable donation. Don’t think of buying a painting as a luxury, think of it as clever tax planning!

Hoping to see you soon at Leith Hall,

Elan and Susan


Alice Steer Wilson book in Cape May

A book about Alice Steer Wilson by her daughter to be celebrated in Cape May

Alice Steer Wilson was a great Cape May painter, and will be remembered at a book Alice Steer Wilson Cape Maysigning this Saturday at the Carriage House of the Emlen Physick Estate. Her daughter Janice Wilson Stridick, has just written a book about her mother, Light Particularly, and will appear to autograph copies.

Alice Steer Wison was both a skilled and inspired painter. Her paintings often specified the highlights and shadows of a subject, leaving the viewer to fill-in the middle tones. This caused the paintings to pop into three

Alice Steer Wilson
Alice Steer Wilson

dimensions, and somehow made them more striking and involving, too. The paintings are beautiful, but they are not just souvenirs of pretty Cape May cottages. Instead, they are accomplished paintings that use the light falling on complicated architecture and the shadows cast as their common theme.

Many of her paintings remind me of watercolors by John Singer

Alice Steer Wislon, John Singer Sargent
John Singer Sargent

Sargent. This is no small compliment, as John Singer Sargent was the best watercolorist there ever was.

Joh Singer Sargent Watercolor
John Singer Sargent Watercolor

Take the time to visit the book signing at the Carriage House at the Physick Estate and meet Janice Wilson Stridick. Janice is a designer in her own right and is active in Historic Preservation in New Jersey. Use the occasion for a visit to Leith Hall, a dip in the ocean and a snooze on the beach.

Alice Steer Wilson, Cape May
Alice Steer Wilson



SoMa Gallery- Art in Cape May

Three Artist Open Shows in Cape MayArt Carravagio in Cape May

Saturday night SoMa Art Gallery in Cape May held an opening of three solo  shows. The shows will be up for a while and are well worth a visit. The first artist is Harriet Sosson, Her collages always consist of familiar figures from art history surreally set in every-day surroundings. Earlier works have included Greek Gods riding the New York City subway and Renaissance figures in front of graffiti-ed urban decay. The collages are always formally satisfying – well composed with coloring and lighting considered.  The humor is in the surprise of seeing familiar images in unlikely contexts.

This show has an added dimension for the old Caper May crowd. This exhibit features the Venus of Urbino being rescued by lifeguards, Mona Lisa at the beach, and others. Another part of Harriet’s show includes covers from an old giveaway magazine in town which featured a grid of photos of people on the beach. Now the people on the beach include Venus, and the Infanta of Spain by Velasquez, as well as friends and neighbors of thirty years ago. The nostalgic element of this show was a big hit with the locals during the opening night party.

Art Sean Taylor’s work is shown in an adjacent gallery. He makes both landscape and figurative paintings. The landscapes are often of the beach, with very modulated paint creating really beautiful complex colors. He does this in acrylic paint, which is very hard to do. (I’ve failed at it many times.) One large painting is of an empty beach with just sand, water and sky – yet it makes an interesting painting, nicely composed and pretty to look at.  Another work shows rows of beauty contest participants, all identically coiffed and colored; all looking in the same direction. It makes a nice pop-art image of the conformist ‘50s or ‘60s, and is also very well painted.

The third artist featured last night is John Borrero. His works are very painted, rubbed, Artdripped, scratched, smeared, and abraded. Many include paper that has been buried in the paint, and a few include key escutcheons attached to the painting. All this manipulation produced semi-abstract landscapes that are dark and evocative. Some of the images are accompanied by short poems by the artist that are also moody and evocative.  John Borrero also showed some sculpture composed of stiffened cloth and found objects. One was a woman made of brown cloth, a valve handle and a wooden spool that evoked a Jane Austen character very well. Another one was black clad and looked much more Wuthering Heights to me.

As always, the hors d’oevres were yummy, but even without the food, you’ll enjoy this show which remains in place ’till July 29th. Give us a call or go online to make a reservation at Leith Hall for this summer.



The last post about our vacation in Spain reminded me that we have a painting of the same view of a courtyard in the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, hanging in the Turkish Suite in Leith Hall. I substituted a picture of Rashid Lamrani, who was our guide in Morocco for the young woman in the photograph. His friends had dressed him up in a traditional burnoose, so he looked very exotic. In reality, he was a very modern young man who had traveled all over the United States.

a painting of the Alhambra in the sitting room of the Turkish Suite in Leith Hall
A Painting of the Alhambra in the sitting room of the Turkish Suite in Leith Hall

We also have a painting of the Todra Gorge in Morocco hanging in the bedroom of the Turkish Suite. If you look for the tiny figure riding a camel at the bottom of the painting – that’s Suzie. You too can see the paintings in the Turkish Suite by coming to visit us.

Todra Gorge with Suzie on a Camel