Arts and Theater in Cape May

Arts and Theater

Arts and Theater


Cape May is very arts and theater oriented. There is an art gallery, SOMA New Art Gallery, on Carpenter’s Lane behind the southwestern restaurant, Gecko’s. They feature local artists with serious talent. We also have the Washington Street Gallery on the Mall which can provide you with beautiful drawings of Cape May houses to decorate your home.

Cape May County is also home to the nation’s oldest county art league which organizes a few painting exhibits each year. The
Center for Community Arts is a not-for-profit organization that hosts arts and crafts classes throughout the summer, African American History exhibits (with The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities) in the winter, and a Jazz radio station all year long.


Arts and Theater
Elan’s Painting of Hurricane Floyd which passed Cape May by

Cape May has two theater companies; Cape May Stage and East Lynne Company. Cape May Stage puts on a variety of light and serious plays through much of the year. East Lynne does mostly Victorian and Edwardian plays.

We also have Elaine’s Dinner Theater right around the corner on Lafayette Street