Cape May Lighthouse

cape may lighthouseCape May Lighthouse

Cape may is home to one of New Jersey’s true historical treasures – the Cape May Lighthouse. The Cape May Lighthouse, located in Cape May Point State Park just a couple of miles from Leith Hall, was built in 1859 and was automated in 1946. Though the lighthouse is currently owned by the United States Coast Guard, it was restored and is still operated by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities. It is open to visitors from April to November and on the weekends throughout most of the year.

Visitors are able to climb the 199 step spiral staircase to the
top of the Lighthouse. The views atop the 157 foot structure are superb. The view shows Cape May City and the Wildwoods to the north, and at times, to the west, people can see Cape Henlopen, Delaware. Hours of operation vary throughout the year. The public can enjoy the park, the ground cape may lighthouse at sunsetfloor, the tower, and the watch room in a self-guided tour. There is also a gift shop located in the old “oil room” where the oil that provided the fuel for the original light was stored.  The lighthouse is still operational and the light which flashes every 15 seconds can be seen 24 miles out at sea.