Music in Cape May

Classical and Jazz

Leith Hall Bed and Breakfast is within walking distance of most music venues in Cape May. You can go out in the evening, dance the night away, and walk home afterward. We have three major music events per year, as well as weekly rock and roll, blues and jazz in local bars and clubs. The Cape May Music Festival (to which Leith Hall is a donor) features classical, folk and world music each spring in May and June. Go to the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities to get a schedule for this year’s Festival. The Cape May Jazz Festival is back as the Exit 0 International Jazz Festival, held every November. It is extraordinarily good with amazingly famous and accomplished musicians in little old Cape May.

Popular and Rock

Only a block and a half away, Carney’s, Cabana’s, and Martini Beach feature local and Philadelphia bands. Thee blocks away, the Boiler Room in the basement at Congress Hall and the Brown Lounge on the first floor feature blues and jazz. Jazz and soft folk-y music are often performed at The Mad Batter Restaurant, only two blocks from Leith Hall. A short drive away, Lucky Bones features local bands on the weekends. If mellow piano bars are your preference, there are three within two blocks. The Virginia Hotel, Watson’s Merion Inn, and Aleathea’s at the Inn of Cape May, all feature relaxing dinner music.