Visiting Wineries

Cape May New Jersey Wineries

There are six wineries very close to Cape May. New Jersey’s wine producing boom has given us another fun way to spend an afternoon in Cape May. One of our guests, who was a wine aficionado told us that Cape May is now the Napa of New Jersey.

One good way to visit the nearby vineyards is an a MAC tour. They you can sample and sip and be driven back to Cape May in the MAC trolley. Otherwise four local vineyards offer tours and tastings individually.

Cape May Winery

Cape May winery is the largest and most established alternative. It is owned and operated by the family which owns the Washington Inn, Lucky Bones backwater Grille and Love the Cook gift shop on the Washington Street Mall. It has a large tasting room, gift shop, and a good winery tour.

Cape May Winery

709 Townbank Road

Cape May NJ

(609) 884-1169


Leith Hall Bed and Breakfast is 3.4 miles from the Cape May Winery

1. Start going Northwest, away from the beach, on Ocean Street. This turns into Elmira Street which tours into Leaming Avenue.

2. Turn right onto South Broadway (CR- 626) This becomes Seashore Road.

3. Go over bridge.

4. Turn left on Townbank Road

Turdo Vineyards

Turdo Vineyards is known for its Sicilian style wines. Suzie and I spent a month touring Sicily a few years ago, and returned with a taste for Moscato di Sicilia dessert wine. We tried to buy it when we got home and found that it is unavailable in the United States. I ended up ordering a few bottles from a liquor store in Rome – then discovered that the only domestic producer is in Cape May – Turdo Vineyards. They also make wine from the Nebbiolo grape, which is what Barolo is made of. This makes it one of the great, noble, “big” wines of Italy.

Turdo Vineyards

3911 Bayshore Road

North Cape May NJ

(609) 884-5591


Leith Hall B&B is 4.24 miles from Turdo Vineyards

1. Go Northwest, away from the ocean, on Ocean Street. (This becomes Elmira Street which becomes Leaming Avenue)

2. Turn right on Broadway CR – 626. This becomes Seashore Road.

3. Go over bridge.

4. Turn left onto Sandman Boulevard (route 9 toward the ferry)

5. Turn left onto Bayshore Road.

Hawk Haven Vineyard and Winery

This is a charming winery with good wine and very nice people, only four miles from Leith Hall. They use Tempranillo grapes to make a wine much like Rioja from Spain. The great thing about Tempranillo is that is is low in tannic acid, so you can have a big red wine that is fairly young and doesn’t make your mouth pucker like a teabag.

Hawk Haven Vineyard and Winery

600 South Railroad Avenue

Rio Grande NJ 08242

(609) 884-7347


1. Go up Ocean Street away from the ocean. It becomes Elmira Street then Leaming Avenue.

2. Turn right onto Broadway CR 626, which becomes Seashore Road

3. Go over bridge and continue on CR 626 Seashore Road. This becomes Railroad Avenue in Rio Grande.