Beer, Beer, and Beer.

cape may beer

Beer, Beer and (more) Beer.

Beer, beer, beerI know that it’s early, but think about next September. Cape May’s first Harvest Brew Festival will be Saturday September 19th  from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.. Lots of craft beers at the Physick Estate; with local food, local produce, local wine – and local talent for entertainment. (four local bands!) There will also  be a farmers’ market, a crafts show, and activities for the kids.Beer, beer, beer

The Harvest Brew Festival will also take place during the week-long celebration of gourmandize called the annual Food and Wine Festival (September 11th through 20th). This is our nineteenth year for the Food and Wine Festival, and it never fails to delight everyone who participates. You already know that Cape May is home to some of the best restaurants in New Jersey, and this week gives them a chance to show off. The MAC website will give you lots of information beer, Beer, beerabout a Lobster Bake Dinner, grape picking at Natali Vineyards, a Chocolate Lover’s Feast, a Beer Tasting luncheon, and dozens more. Call us today or go online to make your reservation for the gluttony gala in Cape May!Beer, beer, beer


Cape May Run Amok – Come Visit

Cape May Leith Hall

Cape May Run Amok

Imagine two sets of identical twins, one including a jealous wife and her smitten sister. Their father is scheduled toCape May Leith Hall be beheaded at sunset, but in come an angry nun, a dim hooker and  to top it all off, an exorcism . Is it the latest from the Kardashians? Is it the last installment of  The Jersey Shore? No, its A Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare, as performed by the very bizarre REV Theater Company. It’s the lighthearted, fun approach to Shakespeare, and a great afternoon at the Physick Estate. The performances will be July 14 through 18 and July 21 through 25. Go to the MAC website for more information and to buy tickets. Kids are free.

To enjoy this and the thousand other things to do in Cape May, come stay with us at Leith Hall bed and breakfast. Call (609  884-1934) or go to our website to make your reservations.


The Beatles Come to Cape May !

The Beatles come to Cape May

The Beatles almost come to Cape May !

The Beatles come to Cape MayOctober 17 and 18, the Cape May Film Festival will flash before your eyes at West Cape May Borough Hall and Banquet Hall at 723 Broadway, West Cape May.

Friday night will kick off with a reception featuring the Beatles cover band, “Love Me Dudes” and will continue with “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” hosted by Beatle Historian Denny Somach. Saturday morning, you can scrutinize seldom seen Beatle films at “Breakfast with the Beatles.”

The program continues with The Best New Jersey Short Films, Films from the Black Maria Film Festival and Films from the Cape May Film Society Summer Camp. That evening a surprise Beatle movie will be shown with insight by Denny Somach. (I guess it’s not a big surprise anymore.)

The Sunday morning program includes light refreshments and films by local filmmakers. Sunday night Spooky Comic Silent ShortsSgtpeppergatefold with live organ music will be presented by East Lynne Theater Company at the First Presbyterian Church of Cape May, 500 Hughes Street, Cape May. Tickets are available on our website. Visit  or call (609) 326-FEST for more information, to volunteer, become a member or donate to the Cape May Film Festival.

So, dig out your Nehru Shirts and beads, or your Sgt. Pepper jacket (depending on your preferred era) and come stay with us at Leith Hall.




Flourless Chocolate Cake

Leith Hall Flourless Chocolate Cake

More and more, guests often tell us that they are “gluten free”. Some of the best gluten free recipes are naturally gluten free because they didn’t include flour in the first place. This flourless chocolate cake is a good example. Another is a New York cheesecake – which will appear in a future post.

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup orange liqueur like Cointreau

1/4 tsp salt

3/4 cup sugar

18 oz. bittersweet chocolate

1 cup sugar

6 eggs, separated, whites beaten to medium peaks.

10″ springform pan, lined with parchment and wrapped in foil

larger pan half filled with boiling water for bain-marie

pre-heat oven to 300F.

flourless chocolate cakeHeat the water, liqueur, sugar and salt together. Melt the chocolate into the water mixture, Beat the butter into the chocolate mixture, one pat at a time. Mix the egg yolks into the chocolate mixture, one at a time. Fold the beaten egg whites into the chocolate mixture.

Turn batter into pan. Smooth top. Bake in bain marie for 45 minutes. Cool completely (overnight in fridge is good). Unmold onto cake plate. Can be served with raspberries, or strawberries, or raspberry sauce, or lingonberries (from Ikea)



Most Haunted City

Cape May is the most Haunted City in America

Some say the Cape May is the most haunted city in America. Some just run screamingmost haunted city from the room. You decide. This year there will be trolley rides with Craig McManus, a.k.a. “the ghostwriter” when he’ll tell you about all of the spirits he’s discovered in the Victorian houses of Cape May. If you have the nerves for it, you can spend “Midnight at the Physick Estate” and listen for the presence of Aunt Belle – shut up in the attic. The house will be decorated for the season for weeks and available on the Phantoms of the Physick Estate tour.

Another frightful alternative are the Monsters, Mystery and Mayhem available at Elaine’s Dinner Theater. This year’s offering features Dr. Frankenstein and a series of most haunted citybaffling murders at the castle. As each of the characters you suspect is murdered, you don’t know who to fear most. At least you can depend upon the food.

Consider visiting us at Leith Hall during this haunted season. Call or go on line to make a reservation (Incidentally, we’ve been certified as “ghost free” by Craig McManus himself!)


Travel and Leisure honors Cape May

Travel and Leisure discovers Cape May’s Charms

Travel and Leisure
Romance on Leith Hall’s porch

Travel and Leisure just identified Cape May as one of the best small resorts in the country. We’ve known that for years, but it’s nice to see it confirmed by a national magazine. They point out the Victorian Bed and Breakfasts and the many great restaurants as high points of a visit to Cape May. For me, it’s also that Cape May is never overcrowded. Because we don’t have any tall buildings, even when the town is full, it’s just bustling, not crowded.

The article mentioned the high-end fine-dining choices in Cape May,Travel and Leisure but we also have a host of medium price and inexpensive restaurants with wonderful food and charming settings.  Call us (609) 884-1934 or go online to make a reservation today. Come to Cape May to unwind and eat well.


The World Series of Birding begins this Saturday

Forget Baseball, this is the World Series!

world series of birdingThis Saturday, May 11th, the thirtieth annual World Series of Birding will begin right here in Cape May. There will be youth and senior teams as well as the cutthroat competition among the thousands of participants, who raise over six hundred thousand dollars for conservation each year.  The event is organized by NJ Audubon Society and will begin at midnight on May 11th and  end at midnight May 14th

The World Series of Birding really is worldwide

You may know that Cape May is one of the ten top birding sites in the world. We’ve hadwirld series of birding guests at Leith Hall from as far as China, Kenya, and Germany for birding both spring and fall. Guided  walks and classes start at either the Northwood Center on Lily Lake in Cape May Point, or at the Research and Education center on Route 47 in Cape May Court House.

Give us a call or go online to make world series of birdingreservations for this spring, either to be here for the World Series of Birding, or to take a beautiful and calm guided walk and learn the basics of birding.






Green Festival Kick Off April 13

Green Festival to Kick Off Birding Season

Birding World Series, Green Festival kick off Cape May, Leith Hall bed and breakfast Kick off  Cape May’s spring offerings of birding and other wetlands activities at the Green Festival– Saturday April 13 – in our new Convention Hall. Lots of environmental groups will be there with information and beautiful photography.  Michael Hogan will sell his large-format book Natural Wonders of the Jersey Pines and Shores. (catchy title, no?) Susan Puder will hawk her book, New Jersey Birds and Beyond.

A really fascinating film about participants in the world series of birding will be shown andGreen Festival to kick off spring season, Leith Hall bed and breakfast, Cape May there will be a wide variety of exhibits from Cape May’s nature organizations. You can contact the Green Festival at or get information at the city’s website   Of course, you should stay with us at Leith Hall while you’re here. If you are a current member of the Cape May Bird Observatory, you get a 10% discount!