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The Creepy has Started


Creepy has Started

Halloween is here and the Creepy has started already. The first installment is the Phantom Ball at Congress Hall, this Friday October 30th. A $25 ticket will get you a specialty cocktail, a full desert and candy bar and admission to the after party in the Boiler Room.

More Creepy

That same evening, psychic Craig McManus will lead Midnight at the Physick Estate – talking about his ghostlycreepy discoveries and perhaps rousing a spirit or two. Two tours; Phantoms of the Physick Estate, which is a scary drama enacted in the house, and the Ghosts of Cape May trolley tour, which is a tour of town pointing out the many haunted houses of Cape May, will also be available for Friday October 30th and for weekends afterward.
There are lots of other, less spooky, but no less wonderful things to do on that weekend. Willow Creek winery has fire-pit Fridays, where you gather around the fire in a gorgeous setting with food and drink. Cape May stage is presenting Trying, a great play that Suzie and I saw a couple of weeks ago.

Beach Plum Farm will have a sweet, low-key harvest festival. Darin MacDonald will be appearing at the Brown Room at Congress Hall; and the Washington Street Mall will be all prepared for your early Christmas Shopping to begin.

Come stay with us at Leith Hall for this Fall weekend and enjoy all that Cape May has to offer.creepy


Most Haunted City

Cape May is the most Haunted City in America

Some say the Cape May is the most haunted city in America. Some just run screamingmost haunted city from the room. You decide. This year there will be trolley rides with Craig McManus, a.k.a. “the ghostwriter” when he’ll tell you about all of the spirits he’s discovered in the Victorian houses of Cape May. If you have the nerves for it, you can spend “Midnight at the Physick Estate” and listen for the presence of Aunt Belle – shut up in the attic. The house will be decorated for the season for weeks and available on the Phantoms of the Physick Estate tour.

Another frightful alternative are the Monsters, Mystery and Mayhem available at Elaine’s Dinner Theater. This year’s offering features Dr. Frankenstein and a series of most haunted citybaffling murders at the castle. As each of the characters you suspect is murdered, you don’t know who to fear most. At least you can depend upon the food.

Consider visiting us at Leith Hall during this haunted season. Call or go on line to make a reservation (Incidentally, we’ve been certified as “ghost free” by Craig McManus himself!)


Cape May Bed and Breakfast that’s not haunted!

Not-Haunted bed and breakfast hosts ghost hunters.

An invitation from Leith Hall- Cape May bed and breakfast to come to town this weekend for the Full Moon Ghost Hunt with Ghost One. Saturday, Cape May bed and breakfast haunted houseApril 27, you can visit the Emlen Physick Estate in the evening with Ghost-One, a high tech ghost- investigative team. You’ll record the voices of the ghosts, look for cold spots, and otherwise track down the elusive beings.

Cape May bed and breakfast – Physick Estate combo event

Afterward, you will all meet in the carriage house for dessert and to discuss your findings. This should be lots of fun and a great Cape May bed and breakfast ghost huntersevening’s entertainment. Call us at Leith Hall bed and breakfast for reservations.


Beach Yoga in Cape May

Yoga on the beachyoga on the beach in Cape May NJ

For me, the beach is calming even without yoga, but if you’re the least bit sensitive to atmosphere and surroundings, yoga on the beach is about as calm and centered as you can get. Cape May’s local yoga maven (or is that guru?) is Karen Bosna. She leads sessions on the beach both in the morning and the evening, both on the ocean and the bay. There are morning sessions held on the sand each weekend right behind our new Convention Hall, only a couple of blocks from Leith Hall. There are both morning and evening classes near the Cape May lighthouse; and sessions at the park along the canal in North Cape May. You can chill in all sorts of waterside settings. Balance Pilates also hosts Yoga classes both on the lawn at the Inn of Cape May across the street from Leith Hall and on the beach at Jackson Street several times a week.

yoga on the beach  in Cape May NJYou could also combine yoga on the beach with our De-Stress Holiday package at Leith Hall. This special offer includes two one-hour massages, a gift certificate towards dinner at Aleathea’s, a bottle of sparkling wine and Elan’s home-made chocolate truffles. With all of this meditation, calming and luxury combined, when you get home people will mistake you for the Dalai Lama.


Gaze into My Crystal Ball

Crystal Balls in the Parlor

This year we’ve moved our collection of crystal and mirrored balls from the mantle in the

Spiritualism, cryatal balls, mirror balls, mercury glass
Mirror balls and Crystal balls in the parlor at Leith Hall

Iris Room to the piano in the parlor. Lots of guests and tour-goers ask about them, and one of our guests suggested that we write this blog post about them.

No Witches at Leith Hall

First, they are not Witch Balls. Those were blue or green blown-glass balls used to catch evil spirits. These beliefs existed in Europe in the 17th century and before. They are sometimes ascribed to New England – probably because of the Salem witch trials – but without much evidence. Usually, fishing floats, which are also blown glass blue or green balls, are brought out as evidence.

Gazing Ball in the garden at Leith Hall in Cape May
The gazing ball in the front garden at Leith Hall b&b

Victorian Gardens

Our collection is of mirrored balls and crystal balls. Gazing balls are the big mirrored balls seen on pedestals in gardens. They were very popular in the 19th century. Then again, Victorians could never leave well enough alone and packed their gardens with statuary, sundials, urns, gazing balls, trellises and arbors, obelisks, cupids and gnomes. We have a gazing ball in the tiny front garden at Leith Hall.

In the parlor, we have lots more mirrored balls. Some are mercury glass which was very popular in the early and mid-nineteenth century. It contains no mercury, but is silvered on the inside, then sealed. It was called mercury glass because it looks like mercury.  One interesting use for them was to display one large reflective globe on the sideboard in a dining room. That way, the master or mistress of the house could keep an eye on the servants during a dinner party and make sure they were doing their jobs properly.

Victorian Spiritualism

The clear balls are “crystal balls” for communicating with the “other side.”  These became very popular after the Civil War, along with séances, Ouija boards, clairvoyants, and Theosophy. The explosion of interest in spiritualism probably resulted from the number of young men lost in the Civil War and their families’ reluctance to be cut off from them. Or, maybe being a clairvoyant was one of the few ways for women to be famous in Victorian times. Or, maybe it’s just another one of the new religions of the nineteenth century, like Mormonism, Christian Science, Seventh Day Adventism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.

Susan says, “We have lots of collections beside the mirror balls; Victorian Eastlake style silver, decorated Easter eggs, shells, and Japanese woodblock prints. Come visit us and see all of the Victorian stuff at Leith Hall.”